What will happen if you do nothing?


KARACHI: Children who have missed out on the initial years of their education have been confined to a life of illiteracy. Youth Together for Human Rights Education has started educating these children.

According to CEO of the organization, Fareeda Abbasi these are kids left in an educational limbo that have never been schooled. They are either too old for acceptance to Primary School, or they lack the basic Primary education needed to be accepted to a secondary school. These kids will have no future unless we do something about it.

Doing nothing for these unschooled children would most probably result in illiteracy and no education for the remaining years of their life. A decision taken at such a tender age that impacts on the rest of their life is heartbreaking.

Taking a wider perspective, we should see the impact of ignoring unschooled kids and denying them an education. The fear for our individual lives and the fear of safety and security in daily living are just a few of the social ills that plague our society. In fact, because of the illiteracy factor, these kids are at serious risk of being radicalised as they have no way of knowing how to evaluate data. Unless we take steps to educate unschooled children, peace and progress in our lives will remain unreachable. A rise of conflicts between ethnicities, sects and families is inevitable unless we educate children.

Zoya, a 13-year unschooled girl who is now a student with us, said, “I used to look at those going to school with envy. I saw every morning children going to school and thought why not me? I tried to get admission but no school would accept me. They said I was overage. I did not want to think my time had passed to gain an education. I kept thinking something might change so I could also hope for a bright and different future. A month ago I was requested to try and apply for fast-track schooling to Greenhouse Education Centre. My application for scholarship study was accepted here. I love coming here. I enjoy classes and I enjoy doing my homework too. I have made bigger dreams of my future since coming here I would really like to become a doctor and help the people of my community. I know if I work hard everything is possible.”



  1. 50 street kids who have missed primary schooling, Youth Together for Human Rights is helping them go back to school and complete school, leading to college education. Cost needed to support one month’s education for a child is Rs 2500. Anyone can meet the kids at Greenhouse Education Centre. Contact at 0312-1037938, ​021 348 34724

    Great Efforts by YTHRE ( GEC School). Please Support The Right To Education of Unschooled Kids.

  2. This is excellent news. We need to take full responsibility for the future of our children. If we don’t, then the future will be very dark for all of us.

  3. Mrs. Seher Sajjad on

    Great Efforts. Youth Together for Human rights education has staff that unique and dedicated. This team is working under leadership of master trainer Madam Fareeda Abbasi. Well Done to the whole team. Lets support them.

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