US provides document analyzer to Sindh police


KARACHI: Acting Consul General John Warner officially handed over state-of-the-art equipment to uncover fraudulent documents worth 12.5 million rupee ($125,000) to the Sindh Police on September 8.  The Video Spectral Comparator 8000 will enable Sindh Police to identify fraudulent travel and identity documents, banknotes, checks, and official letters.  The VSC 8000 marks the second system to be donated to a Pakistan law enforcement agency.

Speaking at the event, Acting CG Warner said, “Fighting corruption is a global imperative for the United States, but it starts at the local level.  That is why we are so pleased to support the Sindh Police as they take on the effort to drive out corruption.”

This document analyzer is one of the most sophisticated and useful forensic tools available in the world.  The U.S. Government sponsored five Sindh Police officers to attend an intensive week-long training session in the United Kingdom on the set-up and use of this equipment in August 2017.


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