Special vehicles introduced for deaf in Karachi


KARACHI: Media Deaf Karachi, a non-formal organization has displayed special vehicles having sound dictators to guide deaf people while driving.

Two of these vehicles were displayed outside the Karachi Press Club on Sunday evening. Around a dozen of deaf people also participated in the demonstration besides the organizers. It was organized as part of campaign titled “right of driving for the deaf”.

Speaking on the occasion the team leader, Mansoor Abdul Majeed said these vehicles contain sound dictator that blinks light when there is horn sound at back of vehicle. This light indicates coming of a vehicle from back side. According to the organizers this sound dictator has been designed and developed by a deaf person, Irfan, who was also present on the occasion.

Mansoor contended that deaf people are physically fit for driving in normal conditions also. According to him the deaf people have good eyesight with their vehicles side and back mirrors to keep eye on traffic at back side. He said that modern cars have also camera at rear with LCD display for reverse driving, while the deaf people drive more carefully.

He demanded the concerned authorities to stop discriminatory traffic rules prohibiting deaf people of driving and grant issuance of driving licenses to deaf people. He said that deaf people are allowed driving in the world including Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and others. They are issued driving licenses after conducting required test. However deaf people are denied right of driving in Pakistan on account of hearing problem.




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  1. It is good initiative. People with severe abnormalities are living normal life in the world, why deaf people can not drive?

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